Saturday, April 18, 2009


Our Easter morning started off early, around 5:15, so that we could all make it to the 7:00 church service. There were no Easter baskets filled with candy when the kids woke up. They were told that the baskets would most likely show up after church, which they did. After a great service and Sunday school lesson, we headed home to get ready for the afternoon fun. We stood outside for a couple minutes and took some pictures of the kids in their Sunday best.

We headed over to a friend's house for an Easter Extravaganza and lunch. There, we ate and ate and ate some more. Our kids didn't seem to eat much and were content to play in the backyard. Later in the afternoon, they did manage to eat some brownies, cake, and cupcakes.
After lunch, it was time for the egg hunt. The kids went inside while the adults hid the eggs. As you know, you can't have anyone get an advantage by seeing where you are hiding the eggs, but when you are hiding possibly more than 100 eggs, they are all hidden in the open so you can't help but to see them. The kids ran through the yard picking up plastic eggs like they were gold coins. It was a blast.

After every egg was gathered, all of the kids sat on the lawn and sorted out their loot. After seeing what their friends had found in their eggs, the trading began. They traded jelly beans for M&Ms, toys for other toys, candy for toys, etc. Daniel did find an egg with a quarter in it, but that was the only money that I noticed. Eventually, everyone was satisfied with what they had and ate a little of the candy and played with their toys.

When it was time to leave, we only had to drive about 2 minutes down the road, which was a good thing. After we got home and took baths, our kids crashed. They were so worn out that they even slept through the storm that rolled in that night. It was a great day.
Here are some pictures of dying easter eggs the night before.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Fools!!!! (plus 3 days)

This morning I got in the shower to get ready for the day. As I looked down to pick up the shampoo, I noticed that it was not there. Also, the soap was gone too. When I noticed that it was not in the shower, I got out to look around the bathroom, but couldn't find it. Jaime came in at that point and asked what was wrong. I told her that I could not find the shampoo or the soap. She looked and didn't see it either.

The kids spent the night with my mother last night, so we thought that maybe Blake had packed it. (It seemed like something that he would do.) Jaime called and Hallie answered the phone. She asked Hallie if Blake had packed the shampoo and soap and Hallie said no. She said " It's hidden". Then Jaime asked where. Hallie added, in a matter of fact tone, that it was behind the toilet. Jaime looked and sure enough, there was the shampoo, the conditioner, and the soap. Jaime laughed and asked Hallie why she put it behind the toilet and Hallie replied, "April Fools".

There was nothing to do other than laugh and tell her that she had pulled a good one. It was hilarious. She later said that she got the idea from a show on the Disney Channel. Regardless where it came from, it was a good one.

Hopefully, she knows that April fools is only for one day in April, not all 30.