Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Snow Day!?!?!?

Yes, we live in Alabama and yes, we got some snow. It was just a little dusting, but it did coat the ground enough to have some fun. This was the first time that Hallie had seen snow in her life.

The night that it was supposed to start, I didn't sleep at all and was probably more excited than the kids. At about 4:00 on Saturday morning, I woke up and never really got back to sleep because I was waiting on little feet to come running in my room screaming, "Daddy, Daddy, there is snow on the ground". I probably could have looked out the window on my own, but I wanted to have the excitement of the kids telling me about it. About 6:30 that morning, I heard them coming down the stairs. They came into my room and announced, "Daddy, can we have some breakfast?" I thought, forget about breakfast, I need to know if there is snow on the ground. Well it turns out that there was no snow, but it did start later that morning.

As soon as we seen it, we bundled up like a bunch of eskimos and went running out to play in the yard because snow was falling from the sky. We caught some flakes on our tongue and found a little patch of ice to play with and then went back inside. Later, once the snow had accumulated a little, we went out for some real snow fun. We threw snowballs, Blake made a snow angel, we ate some snow, and we built a snowman. He was only about a foot tall, but it was still a snowman. After about an hour of playtime, we scooped some snow in a bowl and took it inside to do one of my favorite things to do when it snows and that was make snow ice cream. It probably wasn't like mother used to make, but it still hit the spot.
The snow was gone about half an hour after we went inside, but we did get to enjoy it for a while. Maybe sometime in the next five years, we will get some more.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Things they say

Hi everyone, it's Chad. We are all doing well despite our lack of posting stories. I thought I would take a moment, since I had the time, and share some of the goofy things that my kids say and ask.

The kids got the 2nd Disney Scene It game for Christmas. While I was at home with Blake one day, we were playing. To begin the game we selected the characters that would be our pawns to move around the board. He chose Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars and I chose Ariel, the Little Mermaid. Blake asked, "Dad, are you using her because you think she is hot?" I said no and that it was because I was Nemo the last time and I wanted to be someone different.

A week or so later, Jaime had made some cookies. It was late and Blake was on his way up to bed. He asked if he could have a cookie and Jaime said no. He then asked, "Why? Is it because they are poisoned?" As I laughed, Jaime told Blake that she has never ever put poison in her cookies.

A few nights later, Jaime and I were watching T.V. in the living room. We heard a loud "Bang!" from upstairs. It sounded like someone was beating a metal shelf with an aluminum baseball bat. I went running upstairs and just as I got to the top, I looked towards Hallie's room just in time to see Daniel's feet jump up on Hallie's bed. As I entered the room, looking around for anything that was out of place or broken, I noticed that all four kids were sitting on the bed. I asked what the noise was. Blake said, "I don't know" and Andrew repeated him. Then Hallie said, "It was nothing" and Daniel repeated her. I asked if they heard the loud noises and Hallie asked, "Did it sound like a clatter?" (She had recently read the Night Before Christmas.) I said that it sounded like a very big clatter. Blake then said, "I don't know. Maybe it was a tornado." I said that it was not a tornado, it was 4 kids who were doing something that they should not have been and if it happens again, all of them will be in trouble. They said that they would let me know if they hear anything. With no evidence, I left the room and let them keep playing.

Who knows what they will say next?