Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm the King!!!!!

The other night at dinner, Hallie and Blake began discussing the Echols Kingdom and how the roles were divided. At first, Hallie declared herself queen, Blake a prince, Andrew and Daniel jokers, and Jaime and I servants. After hearing this, Jaime and I said, "We are WHAT?!?!?!?" Hallie told us again, in a tone that seem to say, you heard what I said, that we were servants. We weren't the only ones objecting to our roles. Daniel announced to everyone, in a loud voice, "I'm the King". Clearly he did not want to be a joker.

Realizing that there was unrest in the kingdom, Blake took it upon himself to make peace. He changed things a little by saying that he was a prince, Hallie was a princess, I was the king, Jaime was the queen, and Andrew and Daniel were still jokers. Andrew's response was "I'm a joker". Daniel's response was, again, "I'm the King".

Andrew and Daniel were later changed to princes, but Andrew again said, "I'm a joker" and Daniel again declared, "I'm the King".

They were changed to knights, but Andrew still said, "I'm a joker" and Daniel said, yes you guessed it, "I'm the King".

I even got in on the discussion and told Daniel that I was the king, but he continued to insist that it was him. No matter how many times different roles were announced, Daniel always said that he was the king. After a minute or two of arguing who was actually the king, Daniel ended up being declared King.

As the old saying goes, "If you can't beat them, join them". ALL HAIL KING DANIEL!!!!!! LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all of you. We had a fantastic day and hope all of you did as well.

We woke up to the kids checking out what the Easter Bunny had left for them. Lots of candy!! The got nice and sugared up before we headed to church.

We then headed to church to worship during the most important weekend of the year. I had a party with my 2nd graders to celebrate Jesus, then headed to a wonderful service.

We went the Bidee's house for Easter as we do every year. Normally Poppa would offer the blessing every year, but because he is not with us, Blake offered the blessing. He did a wonderful job, thanking God for Jesus dying on the cross, the wonderful food, and for his family. He is growing up so much and we are so proud of him. We then hunted lots of Easter eggs and came home exhausted from a great day. Hope all of you had a wonderful day as well!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Iowa 2008

Last Saturday, Mom, Dad, the kids and I headed to Iowa for my grandpa's 81st birthday party. After over 15 hours in the car in one day, we were very happy to get to my grandparents house. On Sunday we went to the farm and had a birthday lunch for my grandpa. 36 members of my family were there to celebrate. We had lots of fun. The kids met lots of cousins they had never met before and became fast friends with them.

Hallie and Blake headed outside with Uncle Bruce to ride the horse Joe Joe. Hallie had the best time, she got to ride him twice and loved every minute of it. Blake rode once and he enjoyed it, but he is not the animal person that Hallie is. After that, we all got cold and went inside, but Hallie and her cousin Brita, decided to explore the farm on their own. They spent about two hours by themselves on the farm. They searched for eggs, and found three (which they ate the next day), the got in the pen with the sheep and baby lambs, they also stumbled upon a mama cow who had just had a calf. The mama cow was not too pleased with the girls, she snorted, stomped her foot, and started to get close to the girls. They girls ran back to the house to tell us what they had discovered. They were the first to meet the new baby calf, no one else knew it had been born!! Hallie came into the house with no boots (she had lost them running from the mama cow) and she was covered in manure. She had the best time and would love to live on the farm!!!

The next day both kids got to go back to the farm, Blake stayed inside and played Legos with his cousin Brett, while Hallie and Brita helped Uncle Bruce with his chores. They even helped him shear a sheep!

It was very cold and snowy while we were there. Here are pictures of the kids with the snow taller than they are!!

We headed back on Tuesday and finally made it home on Weds. It was lots of hours in the car, but we had a great time and the kids made lots of memories!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Big News for Blake

We had some big news last week and I am sorry that it has taken this long to get it posted. Several of you already know this, but for those who do not, last week, Blake had asked Jesus into his heart.

Over the last month or so, Blake had been asking a few questions here and there about heaven, God, Jesus, sin, etc. Jaime and I had been answering them the best that we could and talking to him about Jesus and heaven. We had been wondering if he really understood the reason for accepting Christ as his Saviour. One night last week, Blake told Jaime and I at dinner that he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart. Later that night, after Hallie went to bed and while I was putting Andrew and Daniel to bed, Jaime and Blake had a long talk about everything from sin, to God's love, to Jesus, to the cross, to family members in heaven, and what it means to be a Christian. When the twins finally went to sleep, we talked with Blake some more about accepting Christ. Then we prayed with Blake. He said his own prayer to ask Jesus into his heart and after hearing it, there was no doubt in either mine or Jaime's mind that Blake fully understood what he had done. It was obvious that God was at work. After we all prayed, we hugged and kissed him and told him how glad we were that he would spend eternity in heaven with us.

Both Jaime and I are so proud and extremely happy for Blake. He has told lots of people and is excited each time that he does. Already, he is sharing Christ with others by telling them his news. Congratulations Blake! We love you so much!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blake versus Chad

A few nights back, we were sitting around and Hallie began to make up a game. This all-around competition was going to take place between myself and Blake. For round one, it was a two question trivia face-off. Hallie asked me, "How many homeruns did Babe Ruth hit?" I answered correct with 714. She then asked Blake, "Do you like ice cream?" Blake answered correct with yes. For my second question, Hallie asked, "How many homeruns did Hank Aaron hit?" I answered correct again with 755. She the asked Blake his second question which was "Do you like me?" Blake said yes and was told that was the correct answer. Round one ended in a tie. Blake-1 / Chad-1

For round two, it was to be a catching contest. Blake and I were to throw a ball back and forth. Every time you caught it, you got a point. First person to ten wins. Blake started throwing the ball hard over my head and won this round. Blake-2 / Chad-1

For round three, Hallie informed us that we were to have a juggling contest. Since Blake cannot juggle more than one ball at a time, I easily won this one. Blake-2 / Chad-2

For the final contest, Hallie announced that it would be a reading contest and pulled the book to be read from Blake's school backpack. It was How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Being a bit cocky after my juggling win, I guess, I told Blake that he was going down. As if that wasn't enough, I say that I can read this book with my eyes closed. I open the book, close my eyes, and begin. I got out the first couple lines, said "The End" and closed the book. After hearing my trash talk, Blake was not going to take it lightly. He started talking smack back to me by saying that he could read the book without the book. He then recites 7-10 pages from the book, word for word. He started with "The Whos down in Whoville . . ." and went to the point in the story where the Grinch ties a horn to his dog's head. It was incredible and completely unexpected. When he stopped, I declared him the winner. Hallie wanted to keep playing, but there was no way that I was going to play any further. I couldn't stand for any other humiliation and took my beating and left. Blake won 3 to 2.

After that, I asked him how he had memorized all of that. He just said that it was his favorite book and that he reads it all of the time. I knew that it was his favorite book, but I had no idea that he had memorized. That was a good one. The next time Blake and I compete it will be a contest that I know I can win. Maybe something like which one of us is taller.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Blake's autobiography

The other night we were sitting around the table and while making conversation, Jaime asked Blake about his day at school. He told us that his class was writing their autobiographies. With great interest, we asked Blake what he had written in his autobiography. He then started with the normal stuff. He said that he had written his name, his age, and his birthday. Upon further questioning, he said that he had written that he had a sister and two twin brothers. Next his story took a different turn.

Blake begin to tell us that he had written about the time that he fell asleep on the school bus and didn't get off at his stop. When that happened, Jaime called me in a panic because we had no idea where he was. Blake was found a couple of bus stops later and driven back home.

Next, he told us that he had written about a day at after-school care when his class went inside and he was left on the playground and got locked out of the building. He said that he had to wait a long time for someone to come back and let him in.

After that, he told us that he had written about a time at pool party with some of Jaime's sorority sisters when he stepped in a drain on the side of the swimming pool and his foot got stuck. He told of how much it hurt and of how his foot was scratched up for days.

With us thinking that there had to be a happy story somewhere, we asked again if there was anything else that he had written about. He said yes. He said that he had also written about another time when he got sick on the school bus and mommy had to come and get him. (He had actually had a seizure that day.) He said that he doesn't really remember it all, but does remember that the bus was stopped on the road and the firemen and paramedics had to come. He said he remembers mommy carrying him off of the bus.

Now, I know what you are thinking. With an autobiography like that, we should have named him Lemony Snicket instead of Blake Echols. After all, judging by his autobiography, his life does appear to be a series of unfortunate events.