Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stomach Bug and House Update

When it rains, it pours. That's what it feels like at our house right now. In the middle of the night Thursday, we woke up to Daniel throwing up. He threw up every 15-20 minutes all Thursday night and most of the day Friday. We went to the doctor and it is just a stomach bug. But, as of today, he still is not eating hardly anything. The throwing up has stopped, but now it is coming out the other end and he can't eat anything. He is sleeping a lot and I am worried about him. Mom was supposed to go home today, but is staying for a few days, at least. Daniel will not be able to go to school tomorrow, so it will be great for us not to have to miss work. Hallie started throwing up last night, but is better today. She just has a weak stomach.

On the house front, we had the inspection on Friday and I think everything is good. We are going to need to fix a few things, but they were all expected. We spent all day Saturday looking at houses and only found one that is a possibility. We probably will make an offer today, but the offer may be too low. We really like the house, but we aren't going to pay full price for it. More updates later..

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another Quick Post

It has been so hard to make time to blog at all in the last couple of days. Okay, to catch everyone up, we have a signed contact on the house. I can't believe it! I never thought we would have gotten this far, this fast. We have the inspection on Friday and that should be our last big hurdle. But, we have to find a house fast. The buyer wants to close the end of May, but we wrote into the contract the end of June, just in case we can't find something. The goal is still the end of May, but we will see. We are going out on Saturday to look, I'm sure the right thing will be out there. Everyone is fine here. We had 18 month old checkups for the boys yesterday, they are 31 inches tall and 23 pounds each. They are getting so big! I'll try to post again with more news about the house.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Weekend

It has been a very crazy last few days, and I am just now sitting down to blog for a couple of minutes. Blake and I had a good time together on Thursday and Friday. We went shopping, went to Toys R Us, went to lunch. On Friday, Blake got to go to work with Bidee for a couple of hours. She and Ms Ginger took Blake to lunch, then they had a fun couple of hours playing while Blake was at work. While Blake was at work, I went shopping for cruise clothes and got several things I needed for our trip.

Also, on Friday, we had someone come look at our house. We were very excited. During Blake's baseball game Saturday morning (which he did great at, he hit the ball from the pitcher every time, did not have to use the Tee at all), we got a call and the person who looked at the house Friday is going to make us an offer. I am waiting now for the offer and am very nervous. We are really excited, but also anxious about finding a house for us in such a short time.

Blake went to Huntsville to spend Saturday night with Aunt Julie, he is not home yet but I know he had a great time. I'm ready to hear about all he did with Julie. Saturday night, I had a bridal shower to go to, and had a fantastic time. The food was great, the company was even better, and we got to celebrate with Leah as she is getting ready for her wedding.

I'll post more later, I hear the babies upstairs crying, they just woke up from nap!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quick Post

This is going to be really quick, I have been working from home after work for about 2 hours and it is time for me to go spend some time with the family. Chad had to stay home with Daniel today, Chad took him to the Doctor and he has bronchitis. They put him on an antibiotic and even tonight he is feeling much better. Blake went the Barons game today with day care as a field trip, he could not tell us the score or who the Barons played, but he had a great time anyway. Andrew and Hallie are fine, normal days for them. I liked posting the old story about Hallie, I'll have to keep thinking and post some more old stories.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hallie's Fish

They have limited our Internet access at work, so now I am going to be blogging from home, which will be a little more challenging, but I will do my best. We have had a pretty uneventful two days, just the normal stuff. Blake is out of school for Spring Break, so I am taking Thurs and Friday off and we are going to play for 2 days. I am excited, it will be fun to do some stuff just with him. I think I am going to have to show the house a couple of times on Friday, but I am glad to do that.

Since there is nothing going on, I decided to post an old story about Hallie that I still laugh about whenever I think of it. This happened when Hallie and I were driving home from day care one day, it had to been when she was 2, because it was when she was potty training. As Hallie was learning how to use the potty, especially going #2, she would always say when she was done that she was "making fish". A common quote from her was "Look, Mommy, I made some fish!". On this day when we were driving home from school, Hallie (how do I say this nicely?) pooted in her car seat. She started laughing and said to me, "Mommy, my fish are talking. My fish are talking!"

That is one of my favorite Hallie stories.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lost Tooth

Blake lost his first baby tooth on Friday! And when I say lost, I mean lost. He was walking down the hallway at school and it just fell out of his mouth. Blake and his teacher looked and looked but could not find his tooth. I was disappointed, but Blake was fine with it. He wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy and she came to our house Friday night. She left Blake $3 and he was very excited. Saturday, Blake played in his first coach pitch baseball game, I was not there, but I was told that he did a good job. Chad said he fouled lots of balls, but he did hit one, he got thrown out at first, but Blake has never been concerned about winning. Other than Saturday morning we had a very relaxing weekend, I was able to nap both afternoons and the kids got lots of rest as well. We had several "Movie Nights" with the kids. It was a great weekend.

Andrew and Daniel are fine, they are saying more words everyday, Daniel's newest words are balloon and Poppa. Andrew says light all the time. Hallie helped me cook dinner tonight, she peeled half a potato and cut that half of a potato into chunks with a butter knife. She was very determined and got it done, even though it took her a really long time.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Home Sick

I just now have a chance to blog today since I was working at home, Hallie was sick. As I write this now, Daniel is sitting in my lap drinking a sippy cup and pressing letters on the keyboard. It is really hard to type. He also is singing to the music that is playing from the toy Andrew is riding around the room on. Hallie is upstairs with Chad as he gets Blake is the shower. We just got through the "fun" that is homework every night, Blake only missed one of his bonus words and got the rest right, so it was not so bad. He brought tests home tonight from last week and he got every answer right on every test. He is doing a great job.

We had a realtor call at 5:15 and said they were sitting outside our house and wanted to know if they could bring someone in to look. I hated to say no, but I dinner on the stove, Chad and the boys had just gotten home, and Hallie and I were both in our pjs. The house was also a mess, so I had to say no and watch them got see the house across the street. Oh, well, surprise visits are one of the reasons we did not put our house on with a realtor.

Saturday, Chad and I took the kids to see the new Disney movie, Meet the Robinsons in 3D. We had a good time and the kids liked it, but the funniest part was when we got home and the babies got a hold on the 3D glasses.



Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Weekend

I know it has been forever since I have blogged, for some reason I have had a hard time getting motivated to write. It has been a good couple of weeks, we got the house on the market and have had one person look at the house. We have lots of people slow down and look and pull the brochures, maybe the right person will come along soon.

We had a really wonderful Easter weekend, Mom and Dad came in Thursday night, we sent Blake to school on Friday and had a fun day with the younger ones. Mom, Dad and Hallie went to eat lunch with Blake at school, and he was thrilled. He had fun showing off more of his family. Chad was in Atlanta on Friday, so the rest of us dyed Easter Eggs Friday afternoon. The babies each dyed one as well. They had fun putting their hands in the dye to get the eggs out. Both of them kept calling the eggs "balls", so of course as they dyed them, they got thrown on the table and broken, but they had a great time. Blake and Hallie are expert Egg dyers and theirs were beautiful, I will post some pictures when I get home.

Saturday, we stayed inside and tried to stay warm. Chad and I took the big kids to see a movie in the afternoon and we had a nice time with the big kids. Both Blake and Hallie commented how nice it was to go somewhere without the babies. It's fun to spend time with the big kids and do "Big Kid" things. When we got home Hallie got to cook in her Easy Bake Oven, or her "real kitchen". She made My Little Pony Cookies with frosting and cookies, she has not let us eat them yet!

Blake got to go to his own Easter Egg Hunt Saturday night, he had lots of fun. I'm glad there are kids in the neighborhood for him to play with.

Sunday morning, the kids discovered the Easter Bunny had been to our house, they had fun with all the candy. Daniel realized he loved Cadbury Caramel filled eggs, and ate his share Sunday morning. Andrew went straight for the lollipops. The big kids had a little more control. Again, I'll post pictures later.

We all got dressed and went to church. Mom and Dad visited Blake's Sunday School class with us. The 1st graders have done an amazing job understanding about Easter. They could tell us in very specific detail about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and also about the miracle of Easter morning. I am amazed every week about how much these kids know and how eager they are to learn. They teach us every week with their insights and they way they interact with each other. Everyone of them is coming to hold a very special place in my heart. I have become very attached to my class and look forward to them every week. After a wonderful Easter service, we headed to The Echols' for Easter Dinner.

After lots of good food, we had an Easter Egg hunt with all of the cousins and lots of games for the kids to play. Blake and Hallie look forward to this day every year. Hallie and her cousins Emma and Avery, had on the same dress as she did, so they had lots of fun taking pictures and being "twins". The boys hunted lots of eggs, Daniel had an "eye" for them, and found lots of eggs. Andrew had more fun just throwing the eggs like balls once he found them. There will be lots of pictures coming soon!